Elevate Your Bathroom, One Vanity Top at a Time
Vanity Tops

Vanity Tops with Under

Mount Sinks

When you see the term under mount used in reference to a vanity top, it means the sink is attached below the vanity top at the factory.  
With quartz and some other materials, the under mount sink is a second piece that is permanently attached below the vanity top at the factory.  
Vanity Tops

Vanity Tops with

Vessel sinks

Vessel vanity tops are designed to use with the stylish and trendy vessel sinks, elevated basins that rest on top of the vanity top.  
These usually come with only a very small hole for the sink basin’s drain fitting.  
Sometimes they have no drain opening at all, with the expectation that you will drill out the drain opening wherever you plan to mount the sink basin.  
Vanity Tops

Vanity tops with

build-up sinks

Build-up sinks are vanity top sinks made from the same stone, offering a modern look and luxury.  
They are highly prized for their modern style, but can be easily adapted to suit other design styles in the right setting.  
Each style comes in single-basin and multi-basin options.  
Vanity Tops

Single Basin

Vanity Top

Vanity-top with a single opening intended for a sink.